Berlin’s Creamcake label is pleased to announce their first single release of COOL FOR YOU’s ‘SEEING DIFFICULTIES’ out January 12.

The single precedes the Berlin-based producer’s first official EP release, MOOD MANAGEMENT, launching with a performance at Bob’s Pogo Bar at KW Institute for Contemporary Art on February 2. Entry is by RSVP only, email here: hi@creamcake.de 

Berlin-based artist and producer Vika Kirchenbauer has been making music under the intentionally capitalized moniker since 2015, building on her visual art practice which explores the role of the audience and onlooker as an inherently violent act. An earlier self-released EP called GIVEN YOUR CONVENIENT ABSENCE, presented what Kirchenbauer calls “decomposing harmonies as colonisers,” using manipulated and pitch-shifted samples of Sacred Harp congregational choir music – a Protestant Christian form of worship from the Deep South of the United States. 

For MOOD MANAGEMENT, COOL FOR YOU continues this interest in the preconditions of a colonial confluence in music, and complicates ideas of community, as being predicated on the exclusion of one person in favour of another. In doing so, Kirchenbauer carries the skittering drums and submerged vocals of her sound into a dimension that revels in its own distortions.

Mastered by Doug Henderson
Image by Martin Sulzer & COOL FOR YOU

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