Organ Tapes: Words Fall To Ground


Berlin-based events organisers and label Creamcake are pleased to announce their latest online release, Organ Tapes’ Words Fall to Ground EP, out May 5, with lead single ‘Believer’ out April 14.

Also known as Tim Zha, the London-based producer is a part of a geographically dispersed set of rising “post-club” and scene of artists that include collectives like Bala Club, Staycore and Genome 6.66 Mbp, as well as artists like Blaze Kidd, Palmistry, coucou chloe and others, Zha has been releasing music independently under the Organ Tapes moniker since 2009. He notably released Word Life on influential dance and club label Tobago Tracks in 2015. That album brought a stronger focus on Zha’s vocals, which continues in the Words Fall to Ground EP, while adding production from his peers, including Berlin’s Soda Plains, Paris’ Malibu and Liège’s ssaliva.

‘Believer’ is the only song of the four that features only Zha, and it meanders through the smoothest incarnation of the artist’s cut-and-paste aesthetic, one that liberally takes from a world of pop and noise samples, acapellas and field recordings to create the kind of raw, political world-making pioneered by artists like Elysia Crampton.

The single precedes Organ Tapes’ Words Fall to Ground EP to be released in full on May 5, with a launch party at Berghain’s new Säule club on May 12.

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Image by Organ Tapes