29. — 30.07.2022
Multiple Locations


Berghain club night, performances at Radialsystem & Galerie im Körnerpark, a commission on 3hdTV and HAU Hebbel am Ufer’s HAU4, and a retrospective catalog to celebrate Creamcake’s birthday

Ten years—plus one (or two) now dissolved into the pandemic—is how long Creamcake has existed. Founded by Daniela Seitz and Anja Weigl in 2011, the ever-changing Berlin club night and events organizer has overcome the social and cultural devastation of the very recent past to finally celebrate a decade, give or take, of operation. Consider the “10/11” hybrid event series as Creamake’s extended anniversary party. Time is clearly relative and many of us are still making up for its loss.

Firstly, Creamcake plans to storm the floors of the hallowed techno institution Berghain on July 29, with its own take on a global Berlin sound that goes well beyond the city’s traditional four-by-four associations. Saluting the artists and digital queer-feminist networks the collective has itself had a hand in developing and supporting since it first started at Südblock, the event will focus on where it all began—as a club night. Performers and producers of Creamcake’s past, present and future will take over the main floor and Panorama Bar, from early post-club innovators like Total Freedom and Jam City to one of its innumerable stylistic offshoots in hyperpop artists like umru and Namasenda.

Later on, artist duo New Scenario will present a video work premiering on HAU Hebbel am Ufer’s HAU4 online platform and Creamcake’s own 3hdTV in the winter, while a few very special solo concerts and group performance events are set to happen at both Galerie im Körnerpark and Radialsystem in August and December. On top of that, team members Steph Kretowicz and Jared Davis are compiling and editing a retrospective survey of the collective and its operations in a “10/11” catalog, with old and new contributions from our peers, including artist and filmmaker Vika Kirchenbauer and art historian Susanne Huber. As club culture still faces an uncertain future following pandemic, Creamcake and its “10/11” hybrid events series aims to consolidate its legacy, and that of its post-club and post-internet milieu into history, while facilitating its vital continuation into the future.

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3hdTV & HAU4


Am Wriezener Bahnhof 70
10243 Berlin

Galerie im Körnerpark

Schierker Str. 8
12051 Berlin


Holzmarktstraße 33
10243 Berlin