Body in Context with Rianna Jade Parker, UNiiQU3, Bonaventure

Discussion panel with Rianna Jade Parker, Neda Sanai, Uniiqu3

Join a candid ‘Call and Response’-style discussion between three artists for honest musings, confessions and reflections on the visibility, value and performance of different bodies.

Initiating the panel is London-based writer Rianna Jade Parker, who will be joined by artist Neda Sanai, whose collaborative and community-oriented work is a starting point for music, video, performance, and sculpture projects, and Berlin-based musician Bonaventure, who uses music as an identity research tool. New Jersey-based producer UNiiQU3 will also join the conversation, offering a perspective from her music, pushing bass, hip hop and RnB forward in her DIY events and performances, and proving that you can do whatever you want if you work hard and stay true to yourself.


Rianna Jade Parker is, before anything else, a reader – and a writer who writes for other readers. Her curatorial, artistic, and social practices are as informed by theorists like Stuart Hall, bell hooks, James Baldwin as they are inspired by Biggie and Lil Kim. When she is not frying platanos in coconut oil, she is busy hitting life’s snooze button.

Entrance fee: 4,00 €

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