24. — 26.10.2019

Jen Rosenblit: Laboratory for Feeling Right

Open Call and Workshop

3hd Festival and performance artist Jen Rosenblit are looking for artists, thinkers and makers of all types to take part in this year’s “Laboratory for feeling right”. The three-day workshop using early intuition research surrounding the architectures of feelings, fantasy, collections and kits to deal with the body’s constant capacity to build and consistent drive toward autonomy.

Participants will come together to explore and improvise in response to each other’s proposals, building on and overwriting another’s original content. We will read from selected texts, watch films, write, discuss and share manifestations of ideas, while offering them up for the other to take, hold on to and potentially lose. By holding someone else’s fantasy for a moment, our own might become more open to and inclusive of that which is thus far, unimaginable.

We will be each other’s mechanics, we will take care of all the parts.

This is an open call for musicians, performers, poets, shy folks, easy folks and those who want to come with their practices and fantasies in mind to hand them over to the group. This is about workshopping, not showing your work. There will be an open studio concluding our time together at the end of the third day.

Jen Rosenblit “Laboratory for Feeling Right”

And when you see us again, we will be perfect. We will have done yoga everyday, smoked less, be fully hydrated, flossed our teeth just before bed, we will have good thoughts, expanded the use of our brain space by three percent and called our mother regularly. We will have grown stronger, more agile and at the same time sympathetic to others. We will have gotten more than two chairs for the dinner table, there is now plenty of space for more than what was once imaginable. We will always have good haircuts, the kind that look effortless. She would be like this. They would be over there.

He would be like that, and I would be like this. I would stay like this. She would still be there. He would be over here. I would be gone and they would all be watching. Then we could all…She would still do this. I would come back. All the horses would be in line, like this. One would be underneath and five would be above with two over to the side, busy with something else. Eventually, he would leave and we would manage just fine.

Participants from the open call:

Danica Andjelkovic, Karolina Bartczak, Julian Fricker, GG, Yuval Galili, Zee Hartmann, Ian Kaler, Camille Käse, Sanja M Grozdanic, Sofia Marques Ferreira, Romuald Krezel, Dusty Lee, Itxaso Markiegi-Oiza, Candice Nembhard, oxi pëng, Lilly Pfalzer, Hyui Ines Rmi, Tabitha Swanson, Moritz Tontsch

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