Live concert featuring CHRISTEENE and Mikatsiu & Sara Neidorf

“Kinkcore” offers a differentiated view on transgressive acts in high-octane and radical musical expression and distressed performance. Happening as part of this year’s 3hd 2021 “Power Play”, the live concert at Berlin’s Silent Green Kulturquartier on October 8, features two live acts that confront and contradict notions of conformity and convention. The unorthodox performance space of the historic crematorium reflects the defiance of its temporary residents. 

New York-based artist and performer CHRISTEENE dramatically merges sexual provocation with upbeat political and social messaging into a practice that has pushed against convention for decades. Scenes involving butt plugs tied to bouquets of balloons being released from the singer’s ass. Wardrobes styled from the forgotten scraps of society, and heated sermons on the current state of the world as we know it populate the raucous world of Paul Soileau’s creation. Anger, rage and an energy of dominance in tracks like “Fix My Dick” and “Butt Muscle” are a mix of punk, electronic and hip hop music, creating a manic combination of a physical practice with the tangible result of pleasure and pain. 

These forms, aesthetics, and conscious shifts of meaning and negotiation also materialize in writer and musician  Mikatsiu and drummer Sara Neidorf’s collaborative project “Intrusions (nexus) Invitations”. Creating a vortex of disturbances and intensity, the piece rotates at the center of a cavernous satellite. Reflecting the reception of sonoliquified intimacy and the tension of restrained listening, Mikatsiu’s cello leashes its overtones to the whispering blast of the drummed impulses initiated by Neidorf.

“Kinkcore” examines and expresses these BDSM lifeworlds through performance and music; a productive force to contribute to the visualization of contradictions in the heteronormal public sphere, and the relationship between power and powerlessness, play and danger, cello and drum, buttplug and balloon.

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Image by Jon Lucas
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