Live performance event in former commercial space

A form of fantasy used both in psychotherapy and BDSM circles, the practice of ‘psychodrama’ exists at the overlap of kink and mental health. Dramatization, role-play and self-expression are elements that allow for exploring (and sometimes resolving) tensions in interpersonal dynamics. Taking place in the disused shopping mall at this year’s 3hd 2021: “Power Play” HQ of Park Center Treptow on October 7, the titular “Psychodrama”  live performance event occupies the former commercial space—and symbol of capitalist inequality—to enact, examine and rethink structural relations.

Keioui Keijaun Thomas presents a special edition of “My Last American Dollar”, a live performance and multimedia installation, where the New York-based artist combines structural fragments of spaces associated with labor, ritual, and hospitality to investigate forms through which black and brown people hold space for each other.  In asking how to carry the multiplicities of being young, gifted, and Black, Thomas powerfully engages with the entangled histories of labor, subjugation, and resistance, and asks, “How do we resist temptation, how do we slow down, how do we play, how do we survive?”Felicia Chan, aka Dis Fig’s live sets include risk-taking, disruption and provocation as integral elements of the Berlin-based producer’s practice. Looking into an astonishing and annihilating spectacle of eclectic audio and disturbing noise with a punk attitude, she speaks to bodies in crisis, rage, and violence, as well as radical healing practices through an overall expression of emotional charge. Along with a DJ set by Sentimental Rave, the event will take place within architect and artist Celeste Burlina’s vivid scenography, called “The Prayer of the Faithful”. It transforms the former toy store into a performance and activation space inspired by rodeo rides and wrestling, while also housing Creamcake’s 3hd 2020: “In Excess” group exhibition. Altogether these accumulated actions and imaginings create a stage for questioning notions of lines, limits and boundaries, and demanding something more.

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Image by Jon Lucas
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Park Center Treptow

Am Treptower Park 14
12435 Berlin