With contributions by HYD, Yearning Kru, MYSHA

Three artists with three separate agendas perform 3hd. Three threes become “333”, the Angel Number of power and energy and the title of the hybrid festival’s Friday event at HAU. It’s the metaphysical phenomenon where the Ascended Masters send a message informing its receiver of the Holy Trinity’s presence in their life — a synthesis of mind, body, and soul. A numerical sequence of encouragement from one’s guides, this idea is not for the non-believer. But for those who look beyond the godless conspiracy of rationalism, there’s power in opposing the fallacy of so-called “self-evident truths”. The Enlightenment is, after all, an ideology that dominates the Western world. Rationality is relative.

Of these three performers who are blessed with the support of these angels of growth in the number 333, each manifest their own vibration of creativity, self-expression and vision. Yearning Kru melds the endless data aggregation of the digital media stream with live improvisation and hyper-real visual montages. The Berlin-based artist’s work materializes through industrial constructions contrasted with psychedelic landscapes in a tension between limitation and limitlessness.

Queer Black Diva MHYSA fashions herself as an underground pop star for the queer resistance by producing experimental dance that tells the stories of other Black women and femmes from their perspective. Their fantasii album and “epic poem” speak of the hopes, dreams, desires and inspiration of music on the margins of the dominant narrative. Meanwhile, US-based singer-songwriter HYD is an ever-evolving, changing and fluid artist whose music and energy both inhabits and evades containers to create a sound that moves freely. It’s a post-human performance that skirts the edges of emotion to arrive at the insight and understanding only achievable by embracing alternative logics.

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Image by Salim Bayri
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HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Hallesches Ufer 32
10963 Berlin