System.Lure Film Screening curated by Yony Leyser

With contributions by Ksti Hu, Alli Logout, Pol Merchan, Warren Neidich & Ashiq Jahan Khondker and Ai Wewiei

Yony Leyser looks to the gaps and silences of the dominant narrative. The Chicago-raised writer, artist and filmmaker applies a queer punk attitude to work that deals primarily with deviant social histories. As curator of 3hd’s System.Lure screening, Leyser selects five films following the hybrid festival’s theme of resistance and subversion. Including the world premiere of Ai Weiwei’s “Idomeni” and German premiere of Alli Logout’s “Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush” among others, each piece deals with issues and ideas that exist on the margins. These are personal perspectives on gender, identity, sexuality, conspiracy theory, migration and language.

The cultural blind spots of socio-economic systems focussed on streamlining information, representation and desire is confronted by this diverse and provocative set of subjectivities. Pol Merchan and Alli Logout present portraits of queer life and sexuality not often depicted in mainstream media. Merchan’s “Pirate Boys” accesses writer and poet Kathy Acker’s work, where it intersects with trans subjectivity and the queering of cinema. Logout’s “Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush” follows teen “bb gay” Micha as she moves into The Palace — a basement full of queer femme dominatrixes, lovers and misfits. They are beautiful, carefree and as young as the night.

Ksti Hu’s experimental short film, “MУЛЬTITASK”, explores language as a system of systems in a collection of original works from her “Rude” project. It invites its audience to witness the magic of breaking the rules, dismantling tradition and creating disorder in language, typography and identity. Warren Neidich and Ashiq Jahan Khondker’s “Pizzagate” collaboration combines footage from multiple sources in an entangled and psychedelic tale of truth and fiction. It refers to the 2016 ‘fake news’ conspiracy theory of a child sex ring implicating Hillary Clinton. Most urgently, Ai Weiwei confronts the social construct of the “global refugee crisis” centered on the Greek village bordering Macedonia in “Idomeni”.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Hanno Hauenstein (Studio Ai Weiwei), Ksti Hu, Alli Logout, Pol Merchan, Ashiq Jahan Khondker, and Warren Neidich.

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Image by Warren Neidich/Ashiq Jahan Khondker, “Pizzagate” (Still)
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