Lil B


US based rapper Lil B will be playing an exclusive live concert at Festsaal Kreuzberg on the 25th June, 2013, as part of Creamcake Berlin. Lil B, also known as “The BasedGod,” has become a cult legend as a subversive and raw musical artist. Birth named Brandon McCartney from Berkley, California, usually plays sold out shows in the states; his fans love his exciting performance art that’s always somewhere between irony, freestyle and avantgarde, and reaches transcendental aesthetics. For some, Brandon’s work is ironic, and for others it is the future sound of Hip-Hop; he has already inspired successful stars in the game like A$AP Rocky, and helped producers like Clams Casino come to attention in the rap world.

As the godfather of the “Based Freestyle“ that he has declared as the unrestrained freestyle, Lil B is unique in comparison to the other conventional rappers out there. Hazy and confusing his lyrics, beats and videos may be, they are free from any usual Hip-Hop standards. This 23-year old belongs to a new generation of rap, one without malice nor exclusivity. He brings his own brand of freshness to it and is therefore the intersecting point between art and music, a claim that also applies to Creamcake nights in general.

Lil B became is known for his exuberance in making new songs, and has written more than 1500 songs. His fans are loyal supporters of his new ideology and their devotion didnʼt stop when he released his controversially titled mixtape “Iʼm Gay.”

Lil B will be performing his special show at Festsaal Kreuzberg on the 25th of June 2013 with Creamcake resident Tokyo Hands in Berlin. Like always, he will be preaching love and warmth to his fans and everyone else in the world.

Philosophie rettet Leben
prays love and positivity
arbeiten an sich selbst
anger inside kills your freedom
everybody can be based
jeder is Lil B
just believe in based! Positivity lives on! Love
I know we were born strong, but some people are not and grow up in hateful environments
we must give everyone a chance
we have to be sad but we have to be sympathetic
we don’t judge without understanding
it´s human, ist based! only Love, we cant abandon anyone
Lil B grows on people, and some people move from what they used to be to a based happy
positive and emotional life
Lil B is the teacher, changes as many hearts as possible and spreads love and life
Lil B in all of us

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Image by Yannick val Gesto


Festsaal Kreuzberg

Skalitzer Straße 130
10999 Berlin