Creamcake x Berlin Voguing Out

We are very proud to announce that Berlin Voguing Out Festival and Creamcake will team up for an exlusive show.

Founded in 2012 the BERLIN VOGUING OUT FESTIVAL has established itself in a very short time as a meeting point for the international voguing scene. Founded in 2012 CREAMCAKE is a colourful event series and music platform for new innovative sounds, media and art. Dancers need music for their entire existence and music needs dancers to fill up to life. So everything feels just natural. Both are creative platforms where communities gather to learn about dancing & ambitious sounds, share experiences, socialize, and be entertained. On 16th of August we want you to date us.

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Image by Pussykrew


Kantine am Berghain

Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin