15. — 16.06.2019


With contributions by Aleksandra Lakić, Fauna & Anja Weigl, Anna Hankings-Evans, Steph Kretowicz, Surabhi Saraf, Salim Bayri, Larry, Alobhe

Initiated by the Berlin-based music and art platform, “Euromall” creates space for conversation. The series of two day-and-night events in the United States aims to encourage exchange across disciplines and experiences emerging from a belief in the possibilities of political organization and direct action. Creamcake is bound by a belief in creativity as the expression of a will to change social realities. While the main drive for their original “Europool” project came as a response to the dramatic socio-political shifts in the European Union between 2017 and 2018, its concerns are certainly not limited to it.

The adapted “Euromall” program in Minneapolis showcases and reflects upon the ties between Europe and the United States today by spotlighting grassroots initiatives, cultural collaborations and artistic practices emerging across borders. Anna Hankings-Evans’s lecture combines storytelling and legal methodology in discussing notions of empathy and law, while Steph Kretowicz’s live reading explores the personal effects of fear, fake news and new technology across continents. Salim Bayri’s “Road to Schengen” video game follows the insurmountable bureaucracy of global movement, and Surabhi Saraf’s sound performance questions the risks and possibilities of technological solutionism when applied to emotional labor and social relations. Moderator Aleksandra Lakić will speak on the EU parliamentary elections in her “How soon is the end of Europe as we know it?” talk and Fauna will present on the right-wing populist movement of Austria’s FPÖ party and the “Ibiza scandal”, followed by participation in a night of music at Honey Club, along with Alobhe and DJ Larry.

Salim Exported: Minneapolis 2019 (SUBTITLED)

It is within this framework that the “Euromall” discussions, performances, readings, DJ sets and video game call for solidarity through exploring our differences. By urging active participation in a dialogue around multiple concepts, approaches and political desires, it is possible to reverse, or at least repair unacceptable developments inside and outside of Europe.

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