Shifting European Identity

Panel with Lisa Blanning, Houaïda, Pamela Owusu-Brenyah, Steven Warwick, and music by Jay Boogie (live), PAM BAM, Steven Warwick, Ziúr

In the “Shifting European Identity” panel we try to find answers to questions about identity-formation and representation in an increasingly isolationist global political map. These answers might be incomplete and fragmented, but they’re also hopeful, authentic, visionary. How can Europe be conceived as a geographical space beyond national identities, and how can we reshape it without confirming Eurocentrism? Can transnational identities help us rethink a radically democratic Europe, and what can world leaders learn from them in shaping the European Union?

In taking politics beyond bureaucracy and into transparent and direct decision-making processes, Creamcake invites Pamela Owusu-Brennyah, Juha van’t Zelfde and Steven Warwick to help rethink Europe, as an idea and an entity, in conversation with writer and editor Lisa Blanning. These artists will offer their thoughts on practicing a future where diversity isn’t suppressed and marginalized, but rather welcomed and promoted in creating a better Europe.

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Image by Riccardo Benassi (CGI by Meggy Tu)
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