Inside the Outside World

Exhibition with Aurora Sander, Green Music, Jenna Sutela, Lars TCF Holdhus, Makoto Taniguchi, Johanna Odersky, Shana Moulton

“The Inside the Outside World” group exhibition reflects on themes around infrastructure, and aims to give a new meaning to the idea of universality with the work of seven international and interdisciplinary artists. As perceptions of society and identity continue to fluctuate through the internet and globalization, one is led to wonder, “where are we going”? The generation of today has been 3D-scanned then rendered, downloaded by a hive-mind of artists who give new life to old forms, meanings and methods.

The artists are working at the intersection of contemporary art, music and performance. Those featured will create speculative work from various media such as painting, sculpture, video and installation, as well as performance and talk events. The exhibition presents a new and diverse perspective of contemporary art and beyond.

“Inside the Outside World” aims to feel the breaths of other alternative worlds. Leaving our existing values behind, this is a thrilling opportunity to look inwards at another world.

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Yamamoto Gendai

1-33-1-3F, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo