Is it cold in the water? at ÆDEN

Concert and club night

The Rivers of Paradise are the mythological waterways that fork out of the Garden of Eden. Though their interpretations may vary across traditions, these four fertile rivers overflow with allegorical meaning, whether in the water of life streaming from within the heavenly orchard, or the righteous blessings of water, milk, wine, and honey coming from beneath. While who gets access to, and passage across these fabled formations appears conditional, Creamcake’s second “Is it cold in the water?” performance and club night at Berlin’s ÆDEN on June 22 is open to all. 

Invited performers, musicians, DJs, and producers create their own flowing utopias within the Kreuzberg club space, its existence superseding the early operations of the old customs and toll station around the corner. The two buildings are both nestled between the canals branching off from the Spree river, but where one stands as a relic of enforced borders and control, the other creates its own Arcadian refuge for unity and plurality. Fifteen-plus artists will inhabit ÆDEN’s paradise floors, with Lyzza, Windowseeker, LA TIMPA, and Sevyn 0000 among them, as well as Cõvco and her hi-energy mix of footwork edits and experimental dance, KMRU’s ambient, and Francesca Heart’s free-moving dance and sound art crossover. Self-declared “rave princess” River Moon presents her emotionally-inspired, genre transcending sound, blending the queer electro-pop of her South African home with Afro-Futurism, hip-hop, ballroom, and club influences. Colombia-born, Miami-bred DJ Sausha brings her dark techno, ambient, and sexy Latin club that pushes the boundaries of fashion and culture.

The watery symbolism of the Rivers of Paradise apply, in varying degrees, to many cultures. As to whether they actually existed in antiquity is up for debate, but its metaphorical connotation of mobility and restriction, freedom and constraint still resonate.

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