LYZZA x Kianí del Valle


Creamcake in association with TAG DER CLUBKULTUR presents a free artist-led workshop by LYZZA and Kianí del Valle at OHM for intermediate levels. Curated by and for women, BIPoC, and queers, seeking to grant opportunities to those who want to engage further in electronic music and movement improvisation, as well as speed up their level of confidence behind the decks. 

The workshop will help individuals with intermediate skills in DJing to gain further confidence through movement and mixing, feeling comfortable as a performer and commanding a space in a club context. Participants are invited to bring their own USBs and can expect to gain additional tips and tricks in bringing their use of the CDJ 2000 to the next level. Seeking to create a safe atmosphere, the workshop will help participants in feeling a connection with their bodies through movement, as well as the performative aspect to DJing, engaging further in the embodied nature of music. A range of experiences is welcome among participants, and conventional training is not necessary.

LYZZA will lead participants through intermediate skills in mixing and the further touches to a set that can help to enliven a club room. Breaking through with the experimental club tracks of 2017’s debut EP, Power Play, LYZZA has more recently made waves with her vocal-driven and pop-leaning EPs Imposter and Defiance. Participants will also join dancer, choreographer, and director Kianí del Valle for a movement workshop, to gain physical confidence and presence behind the decks. Having collaborated extensively with musicians such as Ziúr, Kelman Duran, Floating Points, LSDXOXO, Lotic and more, Kianí’s work merges the lines of contemporary dance and performance art within film, photography, architecture, pop culture, technology and sound.

Intermediate: some level of DJing and CDJ 2000 knowledge required
Bring your own USB and comfortable shoes
Spaces are limited, participants can apply by filling out this form.
Deadline: October 4, 2022

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Image by Evan Loxton



Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin