Paradise Found II

Performance & music event with Bendik Giske, Nile Koetting, Cucina Povera, Michelle Woods

The “Paradise Found” music & performance series is on at Berlin’s Klosterruine, running across three dates through June, July and August, with the second one happening on July 27.

In an effort to emphasize the urgent care and attention necessary for artists and creators to thrive in this Age of Acceleration, the event creates a space for cultivating talent within the ruins of a Medieval Franciscan monastery. Creamcake is looking to focus on aspects of long-term care by bringing together experimental and progressive sonic and cross-genre live acts they have worked with in the past together with new talent they’re introducing in the present. Each of these artists examine the subversive potential of queer feminist gestures and agnostic rituals in a historical location, where disruptive and asymmetric relationships make comprehensible the challenge and reality of acceleration via their own marginality.

Participants break the sacred axis and orientation of the church—a symbol of convention and institutional power—by responding to the space and its disintegrated medieval architecture. Composer, performer and saxophonist Bendik Giske applies arpeggio sounds and circular breathing to his freeform jazz and club music that explores physicality, vulnerability and endurance as tools of expression.

Japanese-born artist Nile Koetting’s “Remain Calm (a simulative picnic between paradises)” performative scenography is inspired by annual nationwide fire and evacuation drills held in the East Asian country, inviting the audience into an ever-transforming narrative space of text, light, performance and video that responds to the unique setup of the Franciscan monastery. ‘Food Wizard’ Michelle Woods will create an immersive music and fine dining experience, with producer Hiele providing the soundtrack, and inspired by troll culture and the six dolls that live in her Antwerp apartment.

Cucina Povera (aka Maria Rossi) presents her peculiar interaction of the spirit world and stark materialism through her amorphous and surreal new musical language interacting with the shape, light and shade of the sombre monastic architecture surrounding the audience who are invited to sit back and slow down.

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Image by Sybil Monet
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Ruine der Franziskaner Klosterkirche

Klosterstraße 73a
10179 Berlin