Paradise Found I

Music & performance event with Kara-Lis Coverdale, Lamin Fofana, COOL FOR YOU and Judith Sönnicken

The “Paradise Found” music & performance series is on at Berlin’s Klosterruine, running across three dates each on June 7, July 27 and August 17. 

The event responds to the extreme conditions of our current Age of Acceleration with a simple, though radical proposition—of nurturing talent and allowing it to develop at its own pace. Happening within the the ruins of a Medieval Franciscan monastery, the event will feature live performance and installations exploring themes of velocity and deceleration, concentration and contemplation, noise and silence, while inviting the listener to linger in the Edenic surroundings of the “Playground – for accepting your mortality” garden installation. The musicians, composers and producers; performers and artists taking part include emerging talent, alongside their more established counterparts in an effort to pull focus on caring, or tending to their existing networks in the long-term through this cultivated Arcadian alternative.

That’s why invited artists included many who have worked with the platform before, with the aim of supporting these growing practices more sustainably with sufficient resources and infrastructure.

The first night will include a number of artists reflecting on their personal relationship to the external world with care and contemplation. Composer, musician and producer Kara-Lis Coverdale’s world-building work occupies new planes built upon a borderless understanding of electronic music rooted in the interlocking pathways of musical systems and languages.

Multidisciplinary artist COOL FOR YOU (aka Vika Kirchenbauer) crafts ambiguous atmospheres of ostensibly contradicting emotions within unusual time signatures, evoking uncanny euphoria, subtle anxiety and encompassing beauty. Artist and electronic producer Lamin Fofana instrumental electronic music contrasts the reality of our world with what’s beyond and explores questions of movement, migration, alienation and belonging, while visual artist, dimensional athlete and ancient cosmologist Judith Sönnicken implies objects, virtual reality, performance, geomancy, biofield tuning, and guided meditation.

It is only through empowerment, cooperation and connection in our community that curation can be a nourishing activity in an accelerated music and art scene.

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Ruine der Franziskaner Klosterkirche

Klosterstraße 73a
10179 Berlin