28.07. — 01.08.2021

Terre Thaemlitz: Soulnessless

Film screening as part of “Paradise Lost” series

The “Paradise Lost” concert & sound installation series launches with Japan-based multimedia producer, writer, public speaker, educator, audio remixer, DJ & owner of Comatonse Recordings, Terre Thaemlitz 80-minute film of multi-part project, “Soulnessless”, streaming at Prenzlauer Berg’s Kleiner Wasserspeicher.

The Japan-based multimedia producer, writer, public speaker, educator, audio remixer, DJ and owner of the Comatonse Recordings record label presents an explicit critique and ongoing analysis of the socio-economic conditions in which music is currently produced and distributed. Thaemlitz approaches thematic complexes such as gender reassignment and religiosity, follows the ghostly apparitions of Filipino immigrants in her adopted country of Japan, examines the use of electronic musical instruments by nuns, or describes the increasing militarization of American Catholic schools. An allusion to and elusion of the live components of the “Paradise Lost” program-at-large, the film will stream on-site in the Kleiner Wasserspeicher for five days from July 28 to August 1.

Creamcake’s “Paradise Lost” program explicitly explores notions of dystopia and apocalypse, transition and redemption, while also activating forms of care and recovery, during pandemic and beyond. The installation and concert series brings together a spectrum of experimental, progressive and genre-crossing acts, presenting a wealth of different sounds, timbres, volumes and speeds in the monumental setting of Prenzlauer Berg’s two water reservoirs. An ambitious attempt to harness the disruptive, affective and somatic potentials of doomsday consolation in sound and music, Creamcake brings together artists, composers and producers who will explore the acoustic properties of the water reservoirs and probe the boundaries of music, architecture, performance and visual art. 

For everyone’s safety, we require guests to wear FFP2 masks and book time slot tickets in advance. Right now, we do not require a negative Covid test; however, we ask that general hygiene etiquette be observed: maintaining distance, washing hands regularly, etc.

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Image by Sam Balfus


Kleiner Wasserspeicher

Diedenhofer Straße
10405 Berlin