TYGAPAW & Jessika Khazrik

Concert as part of “Paradise Lost” series

TYGAPAW and Jessika Khazrik present live moments at Kleiner Wasserspeicher as the finnisage of Creamcake’s installation and concert series, “Paradise Lost.”

Inspired in part by the unbridled black joy of Detroit’s storied television show The New Dance Show, TYGAPAW’s live A/V concert dismantles imaginary boundaries, removing the shackles of self-doubt, and liberating the body and mind through techno.

Jessika Khazrik scavenges sounds from online and on-site detritus, trans-millennial compendia of healing, and militarized ads and technologies to search for new, locally-rooted universalisms that could be a collective response to contemporary dystopias.

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Image by Sam Balfus
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Kleiner Wasserspeicher

Diedenhofer Straße
10405 Berlin