unseelie: BroodX

Third video release as part of “Pop Psychology”

In summer 2021, a rare natural phenomenon is taking place. In many parts of the United States and the rest of the world, Cicadas swarm across forests, singing and buzzing with a chaotic energy. What makes this particular awakening of insects so powerful, however, is that this emergence only happens once every 17 years: Brood X. The insects emerge from the surface of the ground in hoards to announce their existential purpose of  ‘scream, fuck, die’  for several weeks before returning to the soil. This cycle of life feels akin to what many of us are facing coming out of a pandemic that has felt like eons. As we emerge from our homes, an intense energy of pressure to participate and revel in the possibilities of a “functional world” can be overwhelming. Accustomed to our burrow routines, now is the time -with the sun at full power-  to spring out, equipped with an almost uncontrollable energy.

How can we fortify our mental states while participating in this swarm of entropy?

<the answer lies within>  We chose to do a guided meditation accompanied by music and sound design; photos and illustrations will provide softly stimulating visuals. The listener will be guided out of their hole and into an intense new reality. This meditation will help them find their frequency in the midst of Brood X and ground into the present moment; emerge with a hum.  

Script by Kodi Fabricant
Voice Acting by Christina Haines
Music by sentinel & Dasychira
Sound design & field recordings by sentinel, QUALIATIK & Dasychira
Video editing by QUALIATIK
Video footage by Zach Wimberly, sentinel & Dasychira
Voice Recording by Sam Garrett
Audio mixing by sentinel

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