Keiska – Powerpoint


Berlin-based events organiser and label Creamcake is happy to announce their latest online release by Helsinki-based producer Keiska’s Powerpoint EP with lead single, ‘Powerpoint 1’ on July 8.

The Finnish artist and co-founder of Helsinki club night Trax Casino, has been producing and sharing music online since 2010, releasing, KEISKA OJALAN KESÄLOMA (‘Keiska Ojala Summer Holiday’) in 2011, TRACKS VOL 1 in 2015, and the footwork-themed Gardens EP on Tomcrew in 2013, as well as featuring on DJ Paypal mini-album, Sold Out, released on Brainfeeder.

For the Powerpoint EP, Keiska fills the void left behind by late 90s, early millennial dance with an ecstatic escapism epitomised by ‘Euro trance & time stretching’, as its glides into the more ambient doom of modern bass music. The lead-single, ‘Powerpoint 1’, charges into its contemporary hybrid with syncopated beats and gun samples blazing.

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Image by Max Boss