3hd Festival

Founded in 2015 and happening both online and at venues across Berlin, the hybrid festival specializes in music, performance, and visual art as a force for asking deeper questions around politics and identity, community and communication. The 3hd program has hosted musicians, performers, and artists working across disciplines to examine the critical limitations of contemporary institutions and media, alongside methods of action and resistance. The festival thrives on an always evolving avant-garde community shaped by digital culture and the internet. Each edition operates on its own theme and focus, responding to current socio-cultural issues and discursive ideas of relevance. http://3hd-festival.com/

“<Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer>“

The experimental symposium is a day and night-long series of conversations, brainstorming sessions, panels, lectures and performances dedicated to broadening the discourse around digital space. A place for reflection and action at the intersection of media, technology, gender and sexuality, <Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer”> aims to formulate strategies for queering the blurred line between science, music and art. The event positions itself at the point of tension between developments in the feminist canon, concerning gender as it relates to digital practices and transdisciplinary thinking. The symposium takes an experimental and interdisciplinary approach to examining the research of the past and connecting it to the future. http://interrupted.creamcake.de/

Paradise Found

A music and performance series which brought together a spectrum of experimental and progressive sonic and cross-genre live acts to the unique outdoor surroundings of Berlin’s Klosterruine. Taking place across three dates in 2019—each presenting three acts and three different headliners—“Paradise Found” aimed to nurture talent and allow it to develop at its own pace. The program supported artists who’d worked with Creamcake before, growing their practices more sustainably with sufficient resources and infrastructure. It acknowledged that it is only through empowerment, cooperation and connection in our community that curation can be a nourishing activity in an accelerated music and art scene.


A platform and a public space for communication springing from the belief in grassroots political organisation and direct action, “Europool” invites artists incorporating political and queer messaging in their work at the intersection of music, performance, and activism. The daytime event presents cutting-edge thinking, listening and dancing aimed at encouraging exchange across disciplines and experiences, while exploring how openness, care, and solidarity can influence the broader socio-political landscape. It moves to expand and empower its artistic community by creating space for conversation around social justice, because a challenge to the dominant power structures can only come from its alternatives.

インフラ INFRA

A multimedia program of concerts, performances, exhibitions and talks, organized in collaboration with Japanese-run online gallery EBM(T) and happening in Tokyo in 2017, “インフラ INFRA” examined the infrastructures that rule the modern world. Exploring and promoting creative practices at the intersection of music, technology and contemporary art, it argues for providing structures of support. The cross-cultural festival offered access and awareness for a number of under-recognized artists from a range of contexts, offering insight into how participants use new technology to develop their own practices, while also engaging in a network of circulation enabled by the Internet. https://www.infra-festival.com/


A play on its two imperatives of supporting the next generation and gender diversity, “NextGen” is a concert series promoting new digital genres created by artists. It is characterized by an energetic hybrid sound that deconstructs and repurposes material from many different sources, while drawing from an emergent youth culture of globally-aware musicians gathering in niche communities on the internet. These cross-disciplinary sonic practices transcend established traditions and scenes, developing where performance, contemporary art, and digital culture cross over. Facilitated by new technologies and the infinite reproducibility of digitality, the approach explores juxtapositions and fluidity across politics, identity, gender and online space.