Alice Yuan Zhang & Alexander Kaye: Requiem for Lost Plants

Collaboration with NAVEL as third part of ECO-centers

As part of 3hd 2020’s “ECO-Centers” collaboration with NAVEL in Los Angeles, Alice Yuan Zhang and Alexander Kaye’s “Requiem for Lost Plants” site-specific augmented reality filters bring plant elders together through sound and spirit. 

The immersive online environment traces the living thread toward alternative ecological futures by digitally resurrecting diminishing plant elders to share their stories for a global public. In a call for reversing death, the project begins the deconstruction of the past by honoring voices of plant elders, to trace the living thread toward interspecies regeneration. Site-specific augmented reality filters were installed by Los Angeles-based photographer and NAVEL Community Program Intern Gbenga Komolafe.

Six ancestral species will be resurrected at urban culprit sites around Tongva, Chumash, and Kizh land (Los Angeles) as well as online. Each will come to life through AR filters and as data-based sound compositions, woven together as an immersive virtual vigil. 

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Image by Alice Yuan Zhang & Alexander Kaye
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