Live sets by GLOR1A, Nazar, Florian T M Zeisig, and Toxe

Taking place in Berlin’s oldest water supply of Kleiner Wasserspeicher, 3hd 2020’s “Waterworld” event dives into the bleaker side of its “UNHUMANITY” festival theme, as a picture of post-apocalypse. The evening will be divided into two 90-minute acts, with a one-hour intermission to air the space and make it possible to come together in spite of pandemic. The health and safety regulation—implemented in response to the global COVID-19 health crisis—becomes its own actor in this multi-perspectival theater of crisis, rage, horror and struggle. 

The almost sacral beauty of the surrounding 19th century water tower in the Pankow district of Prenzlauer Berg belies the secrets of the underground reservoirs—once the lifeblood of a city, left forgotten in darkness and decay for forty years before reopening as an event space in 1994. Reminiscent of a hollow crypt and featuring relatively even reverberation times, “Waterworld” performers will weave tales of their own personal experience around sociopolitical contexts that will echo around the cavernous interior of this historical landmark’s column and vault structure. 

Part 1:

Florian TM Zeisig memorializes Berlin’s dormant club culture by evoking the different atmospheres and acoustics of a space where people would go for escape and release through music and dancing. Functioning as a conceptual map of a club, each track on album Coatcheck follows a different location of such a building, while tracking the moods of a worker rather than a reveller. Instead of thundering beats and whirling debauchery, the artist yields the sounds of structures hidden from view but necessary to the production of public space. GLOR1A will present a voice to remember, conducting a special performance centred around the tracking and surveillance of bees. Using echo and the insect’s API data, the London-based producer will manipulate intervals of her show, bringing the data to life through sound. 

Part 2:

Looking into the past through his own ‘rough kuduro’ style, Nazar sensitively examines and digitalizes his family history and its relationship to Angola’s past. The producer threads together oral histories, political realities and, most significantly, re-imaginings of direct horrors by documenting his personal story of the nearly 30 year civil war and its aftermath collected during road trips through the places these events took place. Meanwhile, Swedish producer and DJ Toxe offers meditative glimpses of soaring synthetic landscapes that are woven into fragments that are awash with horrific and gripping fluorescent hues. These environments are augmented by a mischievous patchwork of voices and gasps that clamour for attention, hinting at Toxe’s impulse to realise an unorganised set of experiences simultaneously.

Part 1
7.00pm Florian T M Zeisig
7.45pm GLOR1A

8.30-9.30pm air out

Part 2
9.30pm TOXE
10.15pm NazarImage by ssaliva

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Image by ssalvia
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Kleiner Wasserspeicher

Diedenhofer Straße
10405 Berlin