04. — 07.11.2020

Rory Pilgrim: The Laboratory of The Undercurrent

Announcing open call for applicants to join three-day workshop

“Bring a towel, bring a towel to the water
Bring a towel and keep it dry”

In a time of a climate crisis that seems beyond our control, how can an intersectional and intergenerational underground, not only cope but create change for the better? As part of 3hd 2020’s “UNHUMANITY” festival program, Rory Pilgrim’s “Undercurrent Laboratory” attempts to find out.

The multi-disciplinary artist is looking for people of all ages to take part in a three-day workshop exploring how we can respond to the seemingly insurmountable problem of a rapidly warming planet. Widespread government inaction means the burden of tackling the environmental effects of large-scale shifts in weather patterns due to human emissions has fallen on the shoulders of regular people. Pilgrim invites them to respond to this crisis together—on both an everyday and a global scale. 

Through sharing experiences of adaptation, transition and change—the project aims to avoid abstraction and confront the concerns of climate change in a material and constructive way. “Undercurrent Laboratory” will see participants work through a series of different creative tasks, including music and choreography, while experimenting with the role of our voices and bodies in dialogue with the Idaho climate activists featured in Pilgrim’s short-film, “The Undercurrent”.

Throughout the workshop, we will also explore how best to share this conversation with a wider audience accompanied by music performed with singers from Idaho in a public event at Berlin’s HAU, happening on November 7.

Schedule overview

Wednesday, November 4, 11–6pm
Thursday, November 5, 2–9pm (joined by activists from Idaho)
Friday, November 6, 2–9pm (joined by activists from Idaho)

Become a participant

We encourage people of all ages, with all different relationships to climate activism—whether engaged or not—to take part. There is no performance background required.

Please fill in the application form and tell us why you’d like to take part:
Application form

Application deadline: October 15, 2020

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Image by Rory Pilgrim, "The Undercurrent", 2019
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