23. — 24.10.2020

Ruben Spini: Some are Born to Endless Night

Collaboration with Terraforma as fifth part of ECO-centers

For its fifth collaboration in its “ECO-Centers” companion program, 3hd 2020 partners with Terraforma, an international music festival dedicated to artistic experimentation and sustainability usually taking place in the garden of Villa Arconati, near Milan. This year’s festival has been postponed until July 2-4 2021 due to pandemic. In the meantime, the team behind the series carries on the spirit of community and exchange remotely through an online film program, featuring works by local artists Ruben Spini and Natália Trejbalová. It examines philosophical approaches questioning anthropocentrism, and researches alternative communication with non-human agents.⁣⁣⁣

“Some are Born to Endless Night” is an 8-hours long broadcast interruption & a thousand words memoir by Ruben Spini, designed as a waiting room for recollection, grief and daydreaming. By mounting nest webcams, researchers and enthusiasts have the chance to monitor the behavior of different bird species over several days, seasons and years. This cyclicity is recorded and broadcasted without geographical limitation, every stream a morphing cut out throughout the years. The horizon line tilts every time the wind rises, since the camera swings with the tree to which it is bound: a newborn’s perspective in its cradle. Or rather, it is a dark probability cloud—since the nests are often abandoned, the cameras left streaming behind them as witnesses to some private apocalypse. As French philosopher Simone Weil writes, “If I go, then the creator and the creature will exchange their secrets. To see a landscape as it is when I am not there…”

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