Steph Kretowicz & Ben Babbitt: BSAD (buy shit and die)

Collaboration with CURL as fourth part of ECO-centers

Working again with London-based collective CURL, 3hd 2020 is proud to present the video premiere of writer Steph Kretowicz & producer Ben Babbitt’s “BSAD (buy shit and die)” collaboration. Taken from the forthcoming CURL Compilation #2 and presented as part of this year’s “ECO-centers” program, the narrative audio piece follows the fallout of dread and introspection after a gradual descent into global catastrophe.   

The work builds on Kretowicz’s literary non-fiction and cross-disciplinary practice in distributed storytelling, along with Babbitt’s work in scoring film and video games. This premiere of ‘BSAD’ signals CURL’s second compilation, consisting original music and sound pieces made by people who have either performed at the collective’s shows and parties, played with their live band or attended their events and shown support. Kretowicz took part in their “Mayonnaise, Corn on the Cob and My Car” live performance at 3hd 2019 last year. 

Compilation #2 will be released both digitally and physically on tape near the end of October, and feature artists, writers and producers such as Roxanne Tataei, Daisy Moon, Bunny Hoova, Wu-Lu, PK Brako and more.

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