Ewa Awe: Hyperobjectivity

Collaboration with AQNB as second part of ECO-centers

The second in our dispersed “ECO-centers” companion program, 3hd 2020: “UNHUMANITY” collaborates with London-based cross-platform editorial outlet AQNB on Hyperobjectivity—featuring a ceremonial performance led by Polish artist Ewa Awe (aka Ewa Poniatowska) at an undisclosed location in the north western corner of the British capital. The event explores an expanded notion of ambience and the intangible as it relates to our present cultural and political moment, considering how vastly scaled issues today challenge our human sense of agency over the world.

In keeping with the “ECO-centers” theme of a nature-centered political philosophy known as ‘ecocentrism’, Hyperobjectivity explores the ungraspable concerns around climate change, the pandemic and a failing capitalist system that problematise anthropocentrism, colonialist frameworks, and our false mastery over nature. Uncertainty marks this moment, but also a feeling of potential new ways of thinking emerging—away from rationality and objectivity.

London-based DJ and performer Poniatowska’s “New Miasma Theory Chapter 2” responds to this theme through narrated sonic walks in an outdoor London location, culminating in a closing ritual. It’s the second in an eponymous series of fantastical sonic fables that explore notions of miasma as ghostly presence and ethereal symbols of collective beliefs. Produced in collaboration with writer Sanja Grozdanic, the project evokes oral storytelling rituals, ‘New Miasma Theory Chapter 2’ welcomes an audience towards reverie, blurring boundaries between reality and fiction.

The event will take place outdoors in an undisclosed location with six-person private gatherings over the course of one day. Highly limited bookings to attend are open via Eventbrite from today. For those unable to attend, the project will be in part documented and shared online.

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Image by Jared Davis
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Undisclosed London Location