Isabel Lewis: An occasion to consider celebration futures

DJ sets by Juliana Huxtable and Mars Dietz, cold treats by Chelsea Turowsky, smells by Sissel Tolaas

Isabel Lewis’ occasions can be thought of as a ritual of gathering for the 21st century, offering a liberalized form of attendance that allows visitors to linger for hours or just pass by. The internationally renowned artist, dancer, DJ and theorist created this format in 2014 as a way of addressing an idea of composition that embraces rather than represses its lack of autonomy, its porosity, and its contingency as a reflection on the nature of reality itself. Along with DJ sets from Juliana Huxtable and Mars Dietz, cold treats by Chelsea Turowsky of OMIOMIKitchen and a smell by Sissel Tolaas, Lewis’ 3hd: “UNHUMANITY” performance event at Galerie im Körnerpark responds to the present moment by addressing our current simultaneous fears and desires for proximity and connection. 

Lewis has been developing the idea she calls “radical receptivity” in her occasions since 2014. It forms for her an alternative to conflict, coercion, and competition that seem prominent in the social exchange of capitalist societies and proposes an ethic of mutual pleasuring and mutual empowerment.Lewis places a high degree of importance on the rehabilitation of senses beyond the visual, as a way to become attuned with our environment and capable of responding to social and ecological crises. Lewis’ ongoing occasions are considered celebratory gatherings of things, people, plants, dances and scents where visitors can drift in and out of attention and sociality. Disinfectants, masks and refreshments are part of the hospitality. Masks should be worn when in movement.

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Galerie im Körnerpark

Schierker Str. 8
12051 Berlin