In Solidarity with Our Community

It is with deep sorrow and outrage that we at Creamcake address the unfathomable violence, cruelty, and destruction that has been ongoing in Israel/Palestine.

As an active contributor to the independent scene in Berlin, we have long-supported and fostered open dialogue and progressive social and political exchange around the deepening global crises that affect us all. Regarding the war on Gaza and continuing assaults in the West Bank, we feel compelled to issue a statement as our participation in the German cultural landscapes entangles our endeavors with the decisions of a government that funds them.

With that, we wholly believe that keeping space for our community members in need of support and solidarity at this most grave and somber time is essential. Thus, we are compelled to make our position clear in addressing the horrific events that continue to unfold in Gaza, while expressing our common shame. 

Creamcake has been, and continues to be a part of the collective voice demanding an immediate ceasefire and release of all hostages. We are in opposition to the restriction on freedom of expression in Germany, the censorship and deplatforming of artists, the indifference of our politicians, and a public discourse that is as rigid as it is dangerous. The devastating cost to human life and infrastructure in Gaza following the horrific Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7 is not justified, and we implore that the violence and brutality stop. 

Creamcake will not suppress voices of dissent in our community, while also condemning any form of racism, anti-Semitism, or anti-Muslim attitudes. We also stand behind our community members’ need for care as an act of resistance, while sharing the sentiment of shock and anguish at this devastating time.

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