Performance on the façade of Berlinische Galerie

After narrowly escaping the fate of the Earth and all its inhabitants when it was destroyed to make way for an intergalactic hyperspace express route, Arthur Dent and his until recently undercover extra-terrestrial friend, Ford Prefect, find themselves in a Vogon spaceship with a choice to make. Either they tell the vessel’s inhospitable captain how good they thought his poetry—the third worst in the universe—is, or be thrown out and left to die in the vacuum of space. While the human and his alien companion endeavor to escape the latter eventuality in H2G2, choreographer Kianí del Valle valiantly embraces the emptiness with her “VACÍO SUSPENDIDO” performance for Creamcake’s 3hd 2022: “Life, the Universe, and Everything”at Berlinische Galerie on October 21, featuring live music by Ludwig Wandinger.

The dancer, choreographer, director and performance curator, collaborates with two equally-daring stunt performers to create a bodily state that teases and challenges the lines of the inhabited liminal space in which they defy gravity, fueled and led by the power of the female ephemeral heart. Beginning as an analysis and investigation of continuously-evolving walking patterns within sun and moon ritualistic practices in ancestral history, VACÍO SUSPENDIDO uses an everyday action to expand the possibilities of time, connection and conflict. The performers, pedestrian in appearance, start finding their strength through their warrior-like capabilities, enclosed by the potentiality of repetition, intention and transfiguration. They sculpt space in real-time, occupying and becoming their own movement maps, while constantly juggling a state of vanishing in the environment that surrounds them.

Say „Creamcake” at the box office for free entry to Berlinische Galerie after 4pm opening day, October 21.

Concept, choreography & direction Kianí del Valle
Live music score Ludwig Wandinger
Featuring performers from KDV Dance Ensemble & Gravity Stunts Berlin
Gravity Stunt Rigging Alexander Kusmak & Ronny Horning 
Costume / Styling Aoife Akue 
Promotional 3d animation Finley Stewart 
Commissioned & Produced by Creamcake 

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Berlinische Galerie

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