There is no time! Let it go

Live performances and DJ sets by, Uniiqu3, DJ Paypal, DJ NJ Drone, Bonaventure, Geng

For the closing late night event at Berlin’s OHM, 3hd presents a party into the early hours with DJs and producers who understand the maxim of keeping the tempo at a maximum. ‘There is no time! Let it go’ shouts the event title, feverishly referencing the Disney computer-animated musical fantasy film and global meme – in a song originally sung by Frozen’s Queen Elsa and endlessly reinvented by the internet.

New Jersey-born vocalist and producer Uniiqu3 moves effortlessly through her mixes and mutations of tracks by the likes of Skrillex, A-Trak, and Diplo. From hard-hitting bass music to current and classic hip-hop, RnB, and her own live cuts that push ideas of remix and genre-bending forward into the future. Berlin-based artist DJ Paypal is among the most far-flung members of the footwork scene-leading Teklife crew, and among the most influential of the genre’s new wave. His take on said style is kaleidoscopic and vivid, expanding on the Spinn and Rashad template for a brand of footwork that looks backward and forward in equal measure.

New York-based producer DJ NJ Drone locks his listener into the solitary and meditative space of the club environment, while still being connected to a physical rhythm. Immersing his audience in a collage of found-sounds, synths, and sound design, the artist’s work is a reverse backflip of tracks that define that fine line between reality and hallucination. Berlin-based producer Bonaventure (aka Soraya Lutangu) uses music as an identity research tool. Along with practical and speculative initiatives to connect her African and European roots and investigate human boundaries, the brooding noise and drone of tracks like ‘Supremacy’ and ‘White Policy’ dig into the dark depths of human motivation. New York-based DJ, event curator, producer and Purple Tape Pedigree label boss Geng, meanwhile, carries on the ‘bootledit’ (a portmanteau of ‘bootleg’ and ‘edit’) tradition of hip hop and club track combinations that build on and bury their sometimes violent political undertones.

All of these artist express an emancipated response to Frozen’s fantasy of innocence made possible by aggressive technological expansion in the aftermath of information overload. Relax into it, and move.

Entrance fee: 12,00 €

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