Heal the World: A Better Now

Exhibition with Byrke Lou, Doron Sadja, Neda Sanai, Riccardo Benassi, Ruth Angel Edwards, Rianna Jade Parker, Vika Kirchenbauer, WangNewOne x Snackuo

The ‘Heal the World: A Better Now’ exhibition is on at Vierte Welt, running throughout 3hd Festival, opening October 11 and kicking off a discursive program of talks, panels and presentations in the Kreuzberg project space. The show features contributions from writers and cross-media artists, and has a focus on a post-Brexit Europe.

The tiresome mediation of the body in stereotypes, the creation of counter-narratives through subcultural scenes, and the necessity for collective thought in our communities and our everyday are just some of the rich themes explored through the exhibition. It includes video works and installations from Riccardo Benassi, Vika Kirchenbauer, and WangNewOne with producer Snackuo. Ruth Angel Edwards also presents a video exploring what she calls ‘pop anarchism’ along with a performance on opening night. Doron Sadja will also perform his ‘Shut Your Mouth and Turn Me Inside Out’ immersive light and sound show, and Neda Sanai will present their sound carpet. Byrke Lou will also experiment with virtual communication in the form of a sound installation in a liquid tank and Rianna Jade Parker contributes her essay ‘”Hey big girl, can you back it up?!”: Fat, Femme, Forgettable?’ as an object, printed and presented in a box.

Many of the works that include video, sculpture and text, extend from the physical exhibition space to a virtual one, thus questioning existing assumptions about showing and categorizing art. These artworks, or part of them, are available online at www.3hd-festival.com, embedded in the framework where most of them originated.

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Image by WangNewOne
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Vierte Welt

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