04. — 11.08.2021

Raphaela Vogel: Mucksmäuschenmusik

Audiovisual three-part sculpture as part of “Paradise Lost” series

Creamcake’s “Paradise Lost” program follows a moment of unravelling. After a long and difficult recent past that still resonates in the present, it’s difficult to conceive of a time without the overwhelming threats and anxieties of the last year. The continuing Covid-19 crisis has prompted a relocalization of the apocalyptic world that has taken on a different dimension, one that exists only in solitude; in the private sphere, the individual body. So what of the space out there, in the sphere of the public? Running at Berlin’s Kleiner Wasserspeicher and Großer Wasserspeicher from July 28 to August 12, the installation and concert series presents a number of commissioned projects dealing with dystopian notions of catastrophe, pressure, transformation and new beginnings. The events bring together a spectrum of experimental, progressive and genre-crossing artists, offering a wealth of different sounds, timbres, volumes and speeds.

The artists in the “Paradise Lost” program are unafraid to confront the dark and subversive potential of apocalypse by crossing boundaries. Their intensity and motifs, materials and sounds, break down what needs to be broken in order to create new spaces and paths to move forward. An on-site streaming of Terre Thaemlitz’s 120-minute film of multi-part project, “Soulnessless” presents an explicit critique & ongoing analysis of a musical value system, where contemporary global capitalism is accompanied by a colonization of the audiosphere. Gabber Eleganza’s “Hardcore Soul 2.0” audio-visual installation provides a glimpse of salvation through the technophilic impulse and subversive potential of gabber and hardcore. Raphaela Vogel’s “Mucksmäuschenmusik” creates a monumental, immersive video and sound sculpture installation presenting post-apocalyptic scenes and her own abstract narration of fantasies, technology, companionship, and meaning. Together with more artists to be announced, the “Paradise Lost” program is enveloped by an uncanny aura of apocalypse, where Richard Saage’s “waste of modernity” is revived and refigured through these spaces of hyper sensation.

For everyone’s safety, we require guests to wear FFP2 masks and book time slot tickets in advance. Right now, we do not require a negative Covid test; however, we ask that general hygiene etiquette be observed: maintaining distance, washing hands regularly, etc.

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Image by Sam Balfus


Kleiner Wasserspeicher

Diedenhofer Straße
10405 Berlin